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Personalised nutrition advice

Here at Fernwood, we LOVE food and believe a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. We shouldn't be looking for the 'best way to lose weight fast', and instead learning about the nutritional values of foods, how they can support our fitness, wellness and health, and how to create a healthy and sustainable relationships with food to support our overall wellbeing.

If you find managing a balanced food intake a little difficult sometimes, sit down with your Food Coach for nutrition guidance and advice.

Our dedicated food coaches provide expert advice on:

  • Tracking progress and making lifestyle tweaks
  • Tools and resources to develop healthier eating habits
  • Creating healthy relationships with food
  • Macronutrients – carbohydrates, fats and protein
  • Sustainable weight loss and weight management
  • Healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and (of course) snack foods
  • High protein foods

The meal plans and recipes provided by our Food Coaches have been created by experts at Deakin University's Food and Mood Centre. They are based on the Mediterranean diet, which has numerous benefits for physical and mental health.

By combining exercise with nutritious food, you can optimise your health, boost your energy, improve your mental wellbeing, sleep better and see real results, all while enjoying fresh food and seasonal ingredients.

Want a little more info? Come and speak to us at reception – you know we love a chat! Not available in all clubs.

Have you browsed through the hundreds of recipes available on MyFernwood? These recipes are based on the Mediterranean diet, which is sustainable, delicious, satisfying, non-restrictive and healthy, making it super helpful in reaching short- and long-term health goals.