To snack, or not to snack?

Wholesome and nutritious snacks are an important part of any well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

So why is eating snacks so essential? 

A pre-workout snack will help give you the energy you need before sweating it out, and a post-workout snack will help replenish those energy stocks you lost duringyour workout. 

Snacks are also important for intercepting those hunger pangs before you feel like raiding the pantry or overcompensating with a big meal. How often have you skipped an afternoon snack and felt ravenous before your dinner? Nutritious snacks can help keep your healthy eating patterns on track!

Here are some of our favourite and easy-to-make snack recipes, all five ingredients or less. Share your snack creations on social media using #FernwoodFitness.

We hope you enjoy!

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